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It’s that time of year to look back and reflect on all that has happened, in hopes it can be used to push forward in the new year. As any year that you actually lived, mine was filled with ups and downs. I hope that I was able to recognize the ups and celebrate my accomplishments, and understand my downs and learn from my failures. Acknowledging that the hard times in life are merely the backswing towards the truly good stuff. The year started off with so many high notes that there were bound to be some low ones but I survived them all, as anyone who is reading this did, and I’m ending high so lets call the year a success. I helped organize and eventually enjoy the premier of the first Feature I worked on, “MANNY”, at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood surrounded by so many amazing people. Riding around doing press with Pacquiao for it was a lot of fun. Even though I had been around him a lot over the last three years, this was one of the first times we really had a conversation. I learned he knows some hebrew and he learned I’m a terrible jew. The excitement of the premiere ended and I jumped on a plane to Brazil with Sublime With Rome for our first tour of the year. Very little sleep and lots of stories happened as usual. Getting home came with no rest either, as I had a show to prepare to pitch. For the first time my friends and I were allowed into the doors of Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, and Amazon to pitch a show that is everything that made us fall in love with cartoons in the first place. While they may have all passed, they have also all invited us back and gave us invaluable insight into what it is they’re looking for, even though it’s pretty clear that they don’t know. Luckily for us we’ve loaded our gun with many more bullets and the way things are going in this country it’d be weird if we didn’t start shooting things. February marked me finally starting stand up comedy. Considering it’s something I’ve loved since I was five years old, it took me way too long to make the jump. While there will always be room to improve and more I could’ve done, I would rather look at the positives at this time. I found one more thing that, while I’m in the act of doing, I am completely happy and it’s something people don’t add the word addict to so that’s nice. There has been the momentary joy of a good set filled with laughter and the long-lasting self-disappointment of most sets gone terribly wrong. I have been lucky to share the stage, and continue to, with not just comedians who push me to be better, but ones I am lucky enough to call friend. I have opened for comics I look up to who have shared stories with me and several of whom believe in me enough to let me help develop a series for them. We’ve got some really great stuff coming in the new year. For the last six years of my life, the majority of it has been spent on the road with some of the best people this world has to offer and this year was no different…except I may have finally learned how to take advantage of my downtime a bit better. Thanks to my job and very supportive friends I was able to perform comedy for a few thousand people, all over the country, in fourteen different states. The year came to a close with a very cold tour and a trip home to see Mom and Dad. As I sit here cold as shit, I look forward to the warmer days of global warming. Another year in the books and fifty more books to write. Comedy and Music have brought me everything good in my life so I will continue to follow them.

If you want to hear the stories that filled all of the in-between, come see me live in 2016. Happy New Year!